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Marine ECUs

What is an ECU on a boat?

What is an ECU on a boat? The Engine Control Unit (ECU) plays a crucial role in the functioning of a boat. It serves as the brain of the boat’s engine, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. By monitoring and controlling various aspects of the engine,… Read More »What is an ECU on a boat?

Why do boat engines smoke?

Why do boat engines smoke? Boat engines are known to occasionally emit smoke, which can be alarming for boat owners and passengers. Understanding the reasons behind this phenomenon is crucial for maintaining the health and performance of marine engines. In this article, we will explore… Read More »Why do boat engines smoke?

Is link ECU waterproof?

Is link ECU waterproof? If you’re a car enthusiast or a motorsport enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of Link Engine Management and their popular Engine Control Units (ECUs). Designed to optimize engine performance and provide advanced tuning capabilities, these ECUs have gained a strong reputation… Read More »Is link ECU waterproof?